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Start adding  your content on your new website. If you need help with it all you have to do is submit a ticket click here with your content and we will evaluate the working hours needed.

Tired with the “easy” page builders promoted out there and not getting the results you want? Let our experts build you a professional WordPress website in seven days and start adding your content right away.

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Included services with your monthly subscription

Managed WordPress Hosting
Your website will be in a fast and safe WordPress server, where our engineers have optimized it for speed and security. Besides hosting, the plan also covers server support and monthly maintenance.

Email Accounts
Professional hosted [email protected] One or more email accounts in our WordPress Servers. Never miss any important emails again or worry about your emails going to spam. The e-mail servers are being checked for stability and performance on a monthly basis.

Mailgun for all your wordpress transactional emails (get all your outgoing transactional emails delivered right to the inbox and not spam folder). No need to rely on SMTP. Monthly Uptime Monitor to make sure that your website communicates with the rest of the world.

DDOS Protection
Cloudflare DDOS protection. Unmetered mitigation of DDoS to maintain performance and availability – your website will be protected from attackers. We will also monitor monthly for any attack attempts or security improvements through Cloudflare.

Core WordPress Setup
Our WordPress experts will install and configure your WordPress website on Google Cloud Servers. They will also keep your WordPress up to date every month so you can always have the latest features available and at the same time be secure from vulnerabilities and malwares.

Theme License & Setup
The cost of the WordPress theme you choose during the subscription process is included in the total price. Our team will install it and configure it exactly as it is on the preview demo. Once the developers of the theme roll out a new update, we will update your website with the new version.

Theme Plugins Setup
Every WordPress theme comes bundled with its own or third party plugins. We will install and configure all plugins and make sure they are working as intended. Our WordPress support team will keep those plugins up to date with all new releases available every month.

Monthly Updates Report
At the end of each month you will receive a detailed report with all updates performed on your WordPress, Theme and Plugins to keep it running bug free. Included in the report is a Page Speed Analysis along with a Keyword Ranking Summary on search engines.

Page Speed Optimization
Our WordPress developers will optimize the Google server and your theme with caching and minification techniques so that your website can load blazingly fast. According to Google, speed now is considered a ranking factor and a fast loading website increases conversions and user experience. We will check monthly the website’s page speed ranking and suggest improvements accordingly.

Search Engine Optimization
Our WordPress SEO gurus will configure your website for better rankings in SERPs. After performing a keyword research we will optimize meta tags on your website, make sure pages have SCHEMA, create a sitemap and submit it to Google. They will monitor every month for SEO errors on Search Console and third party tools and track the progress of up to 5 keywords of your interest.

WordPress Website Backups
We understand that customer data security is very critical. Hence, we have built a very resilient backup system, based on incremental/offsite backups of all websites of our customers, to an external storage network. We can restore any of the previously stored backups anytime you want.

Do you need
custom work?

We can help you with additional work like uploading images, creating banners, add content to your website or any other custom request you may have.

Latest Websites Available to Purchase.

  • 49.00€/monthly

    Yootheme Pro

    49.00 / month
  • 49.00€/monthly

    Cascara – Blog, News & Magazine WordPress Theme

    49.00 / month
  • 49.00€/monthly

    Jango | Highly Flexible Component Based WP Theme

    49.00 / month
  • 49.00€/monthly

    Lunatic – Creative App Showcase WordPress Theme

    49.00 / month
  • 49.00€/monthly

    Yowel – Creative Yoga Blog WordPress Theme

    49.00 / month
  • 49.00€/monthly

    Aragon – Creative Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

    49.00 / month


Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Question What exactly is wpBuilder?
AnswerIn a nutshell wpBuilder is a custom based service for people who want a professional website solution without getting their hands dirty. We are in WordPress business for many years and we realized the need for a WordPress custom service for people who want a website bug free, with professional look, rank the best possible way in search engines, load fast, be able to edit any content of their website and have good support when needed but without breaking up their wallet.
Question For whom is wpBuilder?
AnswerwpBuilder is for all those who don’t want to overpay to have a professional WordPress website or don’t want to waste their time looking for developers, servers, security, SEO and support. It is for those who want to concentrate on their business and not on how to deal with day to day issues of a website. That’s why we have bundled everything in a premium service in a low monthly fee, so you can have peace of mind for everything and anything that concerns your website’s overall health and purpose.
Question What happens after i subscribe?
AnswerAfter you subscribe the procedure is as follows:

  1. One WordPress expert developer will receive your request
  2. May contact you for additional info, such as your prefered email account, domain, keywords of interest etc
  3. Prepare the cloud application to host your new WordPress website on Google Cloud
  4. Prepare your desired email account on Rackspace Cloud
  5. Prepare Elastic email for your website’s transactional email
  6. Purchase on your behalf the theme you choose during the subscription process
  7. Upload the theme to the server
  8. Enable the theme along with all plugins that are assosiated with it
  9. Import the theme’s demo content
  10. Make any configurations required on theme and plugins in order to look exactly as on the preview demo
  11. Will request or send you the DNS servers so your new WordPress website can reflect on your desired domain
  12. Will request up to 5 keywords that intrest you for SEO tracking
  13. Do ON Page SEO with Yoast that will reflect on the keywords you provided
  14. Set monitoring for the keywords you provided so you can receive a monthly report for their rankings on Google
  15. Prepare CloudFlare DNS Protection for your domain / website to protect it against DDOS
  16. Do Page Speed optimizations on your new website to increase Google page speed
  17. Schedule a montly support plan to update your WordPress website to the latest version
  18. Will send you the administration access to your new wordpress website along with the theme manual
  19. You can now start adding your content
  20. If you need additional help after the website is delivered to you – you can always submit a ticket with your requests and buy as many support hours you need. We will be always there for you.

Question Do you provide support on existing WordPress websites?
AnswerYes we do. If you already own a WordPress website and you are happy with it but need help on fixing bugs or do custom work all you have to do is to register and submit a ticket with your request and our WordPress experts will evaluate the time needed for your task to be accomplished.  After they give you a time quote, you purchase support hours and our WordPress developers will complete the tasks.
Question Is 49€ per month considered expensive or cheap to own a professional website?
AnswerwpBuilder has managed to bundle the whole process for building a website at a minimum cost.

Our all inclusive website package includes

a Premium WordPress theme,
a Hosting Package on Google Cloud,
a Rackspace Email Cloud Account,
a Monitoring SEO tool
an Offsite backup service,
an Elastic email service,
a security package on Cloudflare for protection
a monthly support package for WordPress/Theme/Plugin Updates

The individual cost of each item above exceeds the total price of a simple wpbuilder.io package let alone to manage all these services.
For the benefits of all the premium features mentioned above, wpBuilder is clearly a value for money solution.

Question Is their any prerequisites to join wpBuilder?
AnswerOnly one. You must own a domain name and give us access to your domain provider – so we can update the DNS records to resolve on wpBuilder’s Google cloud servers where your new WordPress website will be hosted. Alternatively we can send the DNS records to you and you can update it yourself.
Question What type of support is provided?
AnswerThe support for any requests you may have is only supported through wpBuilder’s ticketing system.  We do not provide phone or in person support.
Question What happens if i want to cancel?
AnswerYou can cancel your subscription anytime you want they are no commitments. However note that due to the nature of the service we can not do refunds (since we already have bought the theme license for you in our expense and dedicated time and effort to setup everything for you). More over because this is a bundled offer your website will no longer be available online and will be erased automatically after 30 days unless subscription is renewed.
Question Will i have FTP access?
AnswerYes you can have FTP access on your website upon request.
Question Can i transfer my current WordPress website to wpBuilder ?
AnswerIf you already have a WordPress website and you want to transfer it to wpBuilder to enjoy all the premium features we offer for a low monthly fee, we are more than happy to help you with that free of charge but only after we examine the status of your current WordPress website. So it is a per case.

Question Can i transfer my wpBuilder website elsewhere ?
AnswerDue to the nature of the current service you have the right to transfer your website after staying at least for a full year on our plan. We will even provide you with all the files and databases you need in order to transfer your website. However take note that you can not commision us to transfer the website for you in an another provider.
Question Can i have more than one emails?
AnswerYour plan covers one cloud email with 25 GB in Rackspace. You can have as many cloud emails you wish in Rackspace with an additional 5€/month per email. You have to open a support ticket for that request.
Question When will i have my new WordPress website ready?
AnswerAfter you subscribe to our plan choosing a theme of your liking our WordPress experts will have it ready for you within 7 business days. Your WordPress website will be exactly as on the preview demo.
Question What happens after you deliver my new WordPress website?
AnswerWe will send you administration access to your new WordPress website so you can start editing / adding / deleting your own business / personal content. If you want help or you want us to do it for you we are more than happy to do it for you. You will need to open a support ticket sending us your content and any directions you may have on what you want or how you want it based on the theme you choose and our developers will estimate how many hours they need to fulfil your request and get back at you. After that you will need to purchase support hours and our WordPress developers will proceed with the customisations you requested.
Question Can i get a discount?
AnswerWe choose all the premium and best services for you so you and your clients can have the best possible experience. The costs on the monthly plan are already cut to the minimum.
Question How to configure my Rackspace Cloud Email?

General Settings:

The following table provides the setup information related to different protocols for connecting Rackspace with different devices.

Step 1:
 Go to settings

Step 2: Enter your first and last name. This is the name that will appear in the From field of messages that you send.

Step 3: Enter your entire email address (eg. [email protected])

  • For Incoming email server type – Select IMAP from the list.
  • Incoming mail server – Enter: secure.emailsrvr.com
  • If port required Enter: 993
  • Outgoing e-mail server (SMTP) name – Enter: secure.emailsrvr.com
  • If port required Enter: 465
  • Select the Outgoing server which requires authentication check box.
  • Save the settings

IOS Settings:

To use your Rackspace mail via your IOS:

  1. From the home screen on your device click on Settings and then Mail.
  2. Tap Add Account, Tap Other and then Add Mail Account.
  3. Enter in the following information in the fields provided.
    • Name – This is the name that will appear in the “From” field of messages you send.
    • Address – Enter your entire email address (e.g. [email protected]).
    • Password – Enter the password for your email account.
    • Description – This description will only be visible to you.
  4. Select IMAP and then add both the Incoming and Outgoing Mail Server information:
    • Host Name – secure.emailsrvr.com
    • User Name – Enter your entire email address (e.g., [email protected]).
    • Password – Enter the password for your email account.
  5. Click Save to save all settings.

You can refer to the following link for more details.

Outlook Settings:

To integrate your outlook for using your Rackspace mail:

  1. Click settings
  2. Under options > Connected Accounts
  3. Under Add a connected account click other email account
  4. Type your Rackspace email id and password
  5. Click ok
  6. Choose IMAP connection
  7. Click ok

You can refer to the following link for more details.

Thunderbird settings:

To use Mozilla Thunderbird for using your Rackspace mail:

  1. Go to Settings > Options > Account settings
  2. Select Email account, and then click Next
  3. Enter your name and e-mail address
  4. For incoming server, select IMAP and use secure.emailsrvr.com
  5. Enter your e-mail address for the Incoming User Name and Outgoing User Name. Click Next.
  6. Enter a name for your email account and click Next.
  7. In Account Settings, select Outgoing Server listed below your new account
  8. Type secure.emailsrvr.com for the Server Name and change the Port setting to 465
  9. Select Username and password and enter your e-mail address.